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Launch your venture in Ajman's thriving economic landscape, where opportunity meets innovation. Our Efficient Business Setup and Corporate Services in Ajman Free Zones are crafted not just for entrepreneurs, but for innovators, creators, and thinkers aiming to make a mark in the UAE. With us, you gain access to a streamlined, supportive process that opens doors to limitless growth and connectivity. Embrace a tailored approach where every service is aligned with your unique vision and goals. Let’s build your success story in Ajman together.

Ajman Freezones

Ajman, a vibrant emirate within the UAE, boasts its own array of dynamic free zones, each a nucleus of opportunity within the region’s thriving business landscape.

Nestled amidst Ajman’s rich cultural heritage and modern infrastructure, the free zones serve as catalysts for entrepreneurial ventures and established businesses alike. These designated areas offer a host of advantages, from streamlined company setup procedures to tax exemptions and strategic access to global markets.

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ), one of the prominent free zones in the emirate, provides a conducive environment for diverse industries, including trading, manufacturing, and services. With state-of-the-art facilities, flexible office spaces, and efficient logistics support, AFZ empowers businesses to flourish in a competitive market environment.

Another noteworthy free zone is Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ), catering specifically to the media, creative, and entertainment sectors. With its innovative ecosystem and advanced infrastructure, AMCFZ serves as a hub for media professionals, content creators, and digital innovators to thrive and collaborate.

Navigating the landscape of Ajman’s free zones requires careful consideration of business objectives, industry requirements, and regulatory frameworks. With the support of experienced consultants and service providers like MLJ Associates, businesses can leverage the opportunities presented by Ajman’s free zones to realize their growth potential and expand their presence in the global market.

Ready to turn your business aspirations into reality? Contact MLJ Associates today and let us be your strategic partner on this exciting venture. Together, we’ll navigate the path to success in Ajman’s thriving free zones.

Ajman Freezones FAQ

1. What are the capital requirements for Ajman Free zone?

Ajman free zone does not require a mandatory deposit of the minimum capital.
Here’s a breakdown of the capital requirement:
• Minimum declared capital: AED 185,000(approximately USD 50,685)
• Important note: This amount only needs to be reflected in a company’s documents, note deposited in a bank account which helps you from reduced financial burden during company setup and flexibility in managing your initial investment.

2. How much is the residence visa for Ajman Free zone?

Ajman Freezone provides approximately AED 3,600 for visa which includes visa status, medical and emirates ID valid for 2 years.

3. What are the benefits of Ajman Free zone?

Establishing a company and operating at Ajman Free Zone is highly cost-effective. The investor- friendly area offers business owners with a host of benefits and business packages, including 100% foreign ownership, hassle free approvals, and attractive tax benefits and incentives. Other privileges are:
• Resident or employee visas for investors and employees
• 100 % legal exemption from all import and export duties.
• 100 % repatriation of capital and profits.
• Exemption from financial reports submission and audit.
• Lowest lease prices
• Access to vast workforce and world-class infrastructure.
• Easy accessibility to Dubai & Sharjah international airports and four ports and more

4. How much does it cost to set up a business in Ajman?

The total cost of Ajman Free Zone Business Setup starts from AED 5,555 without visas and AED 12,121 for 1 visa including all visa related charges. However, it depends on many factors like type of activity, type of license, visa requirements and more

5. Is there a grace period for license in Ajman Free Zone?

Yes, there is a grace period of one month only after the expiry of the license within which you can renew.

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